Peter Jung Fine Art, Hudson

Scott’s work is now available at the Peter Jung Fine Art gallery in Hudson, New York.

A couple of days ago, Peter Jung shared with Scott his knowledge of sites important to plein air and studio painters interested in the Hudson Valley. Peter took him to the site of the Gifford mansion (since demolished) and the recently refurbished burial site of Sanford Robinson Gifford, a Columbia County native who served in the Union forces in the civil war and painted some of the most striking images of America’s natural treasures at a time of terrible crisis.

At left, you can see Gifford’s “October in the Catskills.”


May Workshop at Scott Thomas Balfe’s Earlton Studio/Gallery

Privileged students from all over the region gathered at Scott Thomas Balfe’s Earlton Gallery/Studio for a weekend workshop.

Scott’s work surrounds his pupils.

Scott provided doughnuts and coffee. What a guy!

The Gallery Space allowed working artists to connect and network. Both as an artist and facilitator, Scott’s talent won the day. Thank you, Scott!

Show at North River Gallery

Scott Thomas Balfe Show at North River Gallery, Chatham, NY

Scott Thomas Balfe Show at North River Gallery, Chatham, NY

The North River Gallery in Chatham, New York is hosting a show of Scott’s latest work.

The reception has been fantastic. One attendee said the works were the finest she’d seen from a living artist.